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We are all busy, right? We have things to do, places to visit, and people to see. So, it is understandable why people do not often think about what would happen in an emergency, where something happens and you can no longer do things you want, visit the places you plan, and see the people you want.10 Questions

While a proper estate plan cannot avoid these issues, it can leave you better equipped to address these situations when they arise.

Here are 10 estate planning questions to get you started. How many of these questions can you answer, “Yes” to?

  1. Have you appointed a trusted financial decision-maker for financial decisions during your life?

  2. Have you appointed someone who knows your health care wishes if you cannot communicate them?

  3. Have you shared your health care desires with your health care decision-maker?

  4. Do your beneficiary designated-assets, reflect your current wishes?

  5. Would someone know how to access your online accounts if they need to access them?

  6. If you wish to avoid the probate process, does your current plan accomplish this?

  7. Have I planned for a potential stay in a nursing home?

  8. Have you shared your wishes with your family, so your desires will be followed upon your death?

  9. Will your medical records be accessible to your family if they need to view them?

  10. Does your current plan reflect your current wishes?

Proper consideration of these factors now can avoid needless time, effort, and headaches, for your loved ones.

Take the first step now and talk with an estate planning attorney today about putting in place a plan, so you can answer “Yes” to all ten questions!

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