While I’m usually pretty up-beat as I write my weekly message, news earlier this week brings me to a more sobering and reflective mood. The crash that closed down Hwy 41 in Appleton this week involved a dear friend and mentor, when a semi failed to slow with backed-up traffic and collided with stopped vehicles. His prognosis is not good, outcome uncertain, and needless to say, family and friends are praying.
It is easy to view all of the mayhem and tragedy we see in the news with a stoic attitude. After all, that is them, not us, that is there, not here.  But this week, the immediacy of the news to someone I care for reminds me of why we consider the work that we do at The Estate Planning Group to be urgent, and why we endeavor to keep our clients on track to complete the planning, why we’ve designed our process to get everything in place without unnecessary delay – and why in our presentations and talks we try to inspire everyone to take action and not fall for the trap “I’ll get to it later.”   
This week I’m reminded that for any one of us at any time, there might not be a later.  For everything from letting someone know you love them or you forgive them, to hopes, dreams, plans, …and just getting done the things that you know you should get done.  There might not be a later.  Whatever it is you need to do, if you’re reading this now, make that commitment:


And if you’re willing, please offer a little prayer for my friend, and for anyone-everyone struggling with a devastating and unexpected tragedy. For recovery and meaningful convalescence where possible, and for strength and understanding where needed. Thank you!

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